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We believe, at The Calm Collective, that as responsible global citizens, we should practise as ethically and sustainably as possible. 

We have therefore taken the following measures to try and do our part:

Product Use 

  • We use cruelty free, vegan products where possible 

  • We use organic products where possible 

  • We only use essential oils that are on the IFRA approved list, and avoid any oils that could have negative implications on the environment 


  • We treat everyone as equal at The Calm Collective and everyone is welcome for a treatment - providing they do not have a medical contraindication which would be negatively affected by a treatment.


  • We ensure that we primarily use sustainable products where possible.

  • We limit our water usage by providing sarongs instead of towels during treatments - these typically use less water when washing, therefore saving energy. 

We are constantly revising our energy usage, and thinking of ways in which we can stay true to our ethics and core beliefs. If you would like any more information on how we are doing this, please get in touch with us, using our contact form! 

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