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Mindfulness Sessions

Meditation and Mindfulness are often scary words for some people, and come with a lot of preconceived ideas of how they should be done, and what the aim of meditation/mindfulness actually is. 

In this class we will be exploring mindfulness and concentration practises as some useful tools to help us build into a meditation practise. We will look at a few of the fundamental principles from buddhist meditation philosophy, however you don't need to be a buddhist, or indeed, align with any religious or spiritual group to practise mindfulness or meditation! 

Abbie has completed her 50 hours CPD in Meditation Teacher Training with 'Yoga Like Water' in 2022, and continues to add to her practise with ongoing CPD work.

Why Meditate?
A great question... and one we will ponder on more in the class. In a nutshell, meditation can help us live more fully in the present moment, and as a beneficial side effect we may (or may not) notice that we become more self-aware, and have a few more moments of calm throughout our days. 

I want to join, but... 
There are many factors which can hold people back from going along to a meditation class. One of the most commonly heard statements is 'I have too many thoughts to be able to clear my mind'. The good news is, we're not aiming to clear our minds in this class! It is the practise of noticing when we've attached to our thoughts and coming back to our concentration technique, that we will be cultivating. 

What do I need to bring?
Props at the hall are limited so you will need to bring with you a yoga mat (or similar) to sit on, and then any other props to make you comfortable, a pillow, bolster or blanket might be a good idea! 

How much is it?
The meditation class is optional cash donation, pay as little or as much as you feel, or nothing at all. There is no obligation to give anything! 

Where and When is it?
Ty Curtis (Curtis House), Bryn Road, St Davids, Pembrokeshire 
The class is every Wednesday and will start on 7.30pm, it will run for approximately 30 mins
(No need to turn up early as we will be finishing off the yoga class!)

How do I Book?
There is no online booking for the meditation class, simply drop me a message (see below) if you'd like to come along and i'll add you to the register. If you would like to attend the Slow Flow yoga class that runs before it at 6.30pm on a Wednesday, please book online using the tab at the top of the website. 

Book for Mindfulness Session Only...

If you would like to book onto the mindfulness session, drop us a message...

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