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Here at The Calm Collective, our priority is your safety and wellbeing. Therefore we have put a number of restrictions in place to ensure that you are kept as safe as possible. This document outlines some of these precautions.  

Our Actions and Responsibilities

· Yoga classes will be limited in number of attendees so that 2 metres can be maintained between yoga mats – this will be reviewed in line with government guidance.
· There will be no hands-on adjustments during yoga classes.
· The yoga studio and treatment room will be well ventilated before, during and after each class or session.
· Sufficient time will be planned between classes and treatments to allow sufficient time to clean and sanitise.
· Doors, handles, light switches, common touch points will be sanitized before and after yoga classes and treatments.
· Yoga classes and treatments will be spaced out to allow clients to arrive and depart with minimum contact, and to provide time for cleaning between sessions.
· Hand sanitiser will be provided in the entrance porch, yoga studio, treatment room and toilets.
· Health forms, consultations, and class registers will be utilised to support insurance requirements and Track and Trace measures.
· All data will be kept in accordance with my Privacy Policy (see link on website)
· A dynamic risk assessment will be performed to monitor and help minimise risk of infection. · I will wash my hands for minimum 20 seconds, before and after every yoga class/ treatment.
· For treatments, I will wear dedicated clothes and shoes that have been thorough cleaned and washed prior to each treatment. I may wear an apron and face mask during massage/aromatherapy treatments - these will be washed between each treatment.


 Your Actions and Responsibilities

· If you feel unwell in anyway please let me know with as much notice as possible, so that we can discuss. You will have to fill out a Covid-19 Questionnaire prior to your treatment/first class. If you are high risk (pregnant, elderly, chronic health issues) please be extra vigilant in your self-assessment of symptoms.
· If you or a member of your household or a close contact, develop COVID-19 symptoms before a yoga class/ treatment, please do not attend a yoga class/treatment.
· If you or a member of your household or a close contact develop COVID-19 symptoms 7-days after a yoga class/ treatment, please let me know immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.
· If you, or someone in your household has recently travelled to a location on the COVID-19 quarantine list, please do not attend a yoga class/ treatment.
· Maintain 2-meter distance between yourself, other participants, your yoga instructor/ holistic therapist at all times (unless otherwise instructed).
· It is essential that you bring own yoga mat and equipment to yoga classes. Avoid touching anyone else’s equipment.
· Yoga participants and therapy clients are asked to complete a health questionnaire in advance – This is an important part of my insurance and the government track and trace programme. If a form is not completed, admission to the class/treatment will not be permitted and payment is non-refundable.
· All bookings and electronic payments are to be received in advance via BACS. You may pay by cash if absolutely necessary (please discuss with therapist/class teacher first).
· Please do not bring children, friends or family members to your yoga class or treatment, without prior approval.
· Timekeeping is of paramount importance. Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your yoga class or treatment (this will help ensure that the previous client/s have left and minimize encountering other people); also ensure you do not arrive late so that all necessary COVID-19 Secure procedures can be put into place before the start of the yoga class or treatment.
· Wait in your car until it is time to enter the centre, rather than gather in communal areas.
· All shoes and coats to be left outside the yoga studio and treatment room - All items are left at your own discretion and we cannot take responsibility for items that are lost or go missing. Therefore, please avoid bringing unnecessary items.
· Please avoid touching surfaces on your ‘journey’ through the centre.
· Use the hand sanitiser provided in the entrance porch, yoga studio, treatment room and toilets, before and after every yoga class/ treatment; or wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds.
· Toilet facilities will be available for use, however I strongly encourage you to use your own facilities before arrival at the centre. Please only use toilet facilities when necessary and use the sanitising spray to wipe door handles, taps and common touch points after use.
· No changing facilities are available under current guidance.
· You are required to wear a face mask at all times other than:
  1) When on your yoga mat ready to start a yoga class
  2) When on the massage table ready to receive a treatment
· Always adhere to good hygiene practice. Cough / sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid spreading germs.
· Beverages and magazines will not be available during your visit. Please bring your own reusable water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated, however please refrain from bringing extra items, such as reading material, into the centre.

Any Suggestions? I would like to ensure that you feel your health and safety is catered for from the moment you book your yoga class/treatment to the moment you leave.

If there is anything I can do in advance of your visit please email

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